Course Registration

To register for Fall 2017 classes, log in to starting May 1

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Fall 2017 Registration will begin at 10:00 AM EDT on Monday, May 1, 2017.

Use your email address & password to log in.

Before You Register

New Students or Former Students

If you are a new student who has not been admitted to the University, or a returning student who has been away from the University for more than one year, you must apply for admission or see an admissions representative before registering.

Student Athletes

Request registration for any course using WebCampus as long as you are designated in WebCampus as an athlete. Follow the steps below under the title "register".

Select Your Course Schedule

  • My Degree Program in WebCampus tells you the outstanding course requirements to complete your degree.
  • For additional assistance selecting a course schedule, please see an academic advisor prior to registration.
  • Need a humanities elective? See which courses may satisfy your requirement(s). Humanities Courses

Check Your Student Account

Your student account must be current in order to begin registration for an upcoming term.* You can check your student account online using WebCampus. See Payment Information.

Check Your Financial Aid Status

If you are applying for or receiving financial aid, please verify your financial aid status prior to registering.* You can check your status online with WebCampus.


Register Online with WebCampus

WebCampus lets you register or request registration for any course in the upcoming term, 24/7, 100% online:

  1. Log in to WebCampus
  2. From the left menu, choose Register for Courses*

    Video Tutorials

  3. For registration requests, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.
  4. To confirm your course schedule, see Your Course Schedule below.

Register In-Person

Please have a course schedule selected (with alternates) prior to visiting the Registrar's Office or home site office. See the previous section, Select Your Course Schedule.

For your privacy and protection, students will be asked to present a valid photo ID when registering or conducting any personal student business. Examples of photo ID include:

  • Wilmington University ID Card
  • Driver’s License
  • State-issued identification card
  • Passport
  • Resident alien card

 Showing ID protects your privacy by ensuring that only you or the people listed on your FERPA form have access to your protected student information.

Your Course Schedule

After you register for courses, your course schedule is available anytime in WebCampus.

  1. Log in to WebCampus
  2. From the left menu, choose Records > My Schedule
  3. Your course schedule will include your instructor's name, required textbooks, and classroom locations (classroom locations are available approximately one week prior to the course start date).

You may change or adjust your course schedule during the drop/add period.

*Course Payment

All students not paying in full at the time of registration, including those with financial aid, will be placed on a payment plan (payment plan fee applies). See Payment Information for payment options, details and instructions.