Changing Your Course Schedule

Making changes to your course schedule after you’ve registered or started your courses for each term can be confusing. We’ve made some important changes to our policies to serve you better. How and when can you remove a course from your schedule and how much money you get back depends on how far into the course (or term) you are.

Add or Switch

You can add a course to your schedule or SWITCH a course section anytime prior to the start date of a course, and in some cases up to one week after the course start date. See below for specific dates per term/block.


Full Refund—No Academic Record

You may drop a course up to a certain date for a full refund without the course ever appearing on your transcript. After the drop deadline, you must officially withdraw from a class to avoid a failing grade. See below for specific dates per term/block.


Partial or Zero Refund—No GPA Penalty

After the drop deadline, you must withdraw from a course to avoid receiving a grade of FA or NA (equivalent to an F in your GPA). An official course withdrawal appears on your transcript as a grade W, which does not factor into your GPA.

New! You may now withdraw from your courses online through WebCampus!  Just go to “Register for Courses”, and click the Withdraw box next to the course(s) that you need to withdraw from; answer all of the questions; then click “Process Registration Changes”. It’s that easy!

Partial Refunds for Withdrawals (Effective Fall 2011)

You may now receive a partial refund when withdrawing from a course after the drop deadline. The refund percentage decreases as more time passes from the course start date. See below for specific dates per term/block. You must still withdraw from any course you can no longer attend to avoid a failing grade, even if you pass the partial refund date.

Schedule Change Deadlines for Fall 2014

How to
do it:
Block I
Block II
Fusion I Fusion II Fusion III
ADD a class up to… Use WebCampus 9/9/14 9/9/14 11/3/14 9/9/14 10/13/14 11/17/14
DROP a class up to… 9/16/14 9/9/14 11/3/14 9/9/14 10/13/14 11/17/14
70% tuition refund up to…

Use WebCampus

or the official
Withdraw Form

9/23/14 9/16/14 11/10/14 9/16/14 10/20/14 11/24/14
40% tuition refund up to… 9/30/14 9/23/14 11/17/14 9/23/14 10/27/14 12/1/14
No tuition refund up to… 10/24/14 9/26/14 11/21/14 9/26/14 10/31/14 12/5/14


Key deadlines for Modular Courses will vary.