Your myWilmU Student Login Account

All students receive a login account for login to myWilmU online services.

1. Notification of your myWilmU login credentials is sent by email to your PERSONAL/ALTERNATE email address.

  • Returning students enrolled prior to March 1, 2017 were sent their credentials on March 6, 2017.
  • Students who enrolled for Summer 2017 classes after March 1, 2017 were sent their myWilmU credentials starting May 1, 2017 (on an ongoing basis after that).
  • New students for Fall 2017 and later are sent their myWilmU credentials within a few days of their acceptance for admission to the University.
  • Didn't get your notification message? See I Didn't Receive My myWilmU Account Information.

2. Your myWilmU account username is your full email address.

3. Your myWilmU account password is initially the same as your WebCampus and Blackboard password.

  • When you first receive notification that your account is ready, your password will be the same as your current WebCampus and Blackboard password.
  • You can reset your own myWilmU password. The password reset message is sent to the PERSONAL/ALTERNATE email address in your student record.
  • This password is NOT synced with WebCampus. This is a completely separate account. Changing your password in either system will not update the other system. You will need to maintain these two account passwords separately until WebCampus is retired (September 2017).

4. When you receive your new account, use it immediately.

  • Log In to the new myWilmU Portal, where you will:
    • Access your new myWilmU email account (see below)
    • Access all online services for the 2017-18 Academic Year* and later.
  • Log In to the WilmU Wi-Fi Network
  • Log In to all student-used computers at all Wilmington University locations (library, computer lab, classroom, and public-area computers)
  • Select other online services. See a list of which accounts you'll use for which new and existing systems here.

* WebCampus Has Been Retired

  • WebCampus was retired and made unavailable on Monday, October 30, 2017.
  • ALL online services have transitioned to myWilmU.
  • For Blackboard student content from terms prior to Fall 2017 see myWilmU and Blackboard Transition.
  • For old "" student email/Google content See Student Email.