University Identification Cards

Wilmington University has approved a new Identification Card Policy for the University community. This new policy, and new ID cards, will assist the University with creating a safer learning environment.

Starting Spring 2014, the University will be requiring a University ID to be displayed while on campus. Beginning February 3, 2014 and continuing through Spring Block I & II, University staff members will be visiting classrooms to take ID photos. Students and faculty members will need to bring a state-issued identification card, driver's license, or passport to class with them to have their ID photos taken in class. ID cards will be distributed at that time or at a subsequent class meeting. The initial ID card will be issued at no cost to the recipient.1

Students who are absent when staff visits their classroom or unable to show valid identification as outlined above will need to obtain their identification card at the following location:

  • New Castle site - University Information Center (Hours of operation: Monday-Friday - 10:00am-8:00pm)

Please note: at this time, ID cards will only be required and distributed at2:

  • Dover
  • New Castle
  • Sports Complex
  • Wilson Graduate Center

Additional Information about the Identification Cards:

  1. The first identification card is free of charge.  There is a $25.00 fee for replacement cards.
  2. Adjunct Faculty Members working at New Jersey or Maryland sites exclusively will not be issued cards at this time.
  3. Once issued, the identification card must be worn by students, staff and faculty in plain view.
  4. Students who fail to comply with the Identification Card Policy will be blocked from registering from subsequent classes.

To view the complete policy, see Identification Policy.