Student Computing

Wilmington University provides computers for student use in designated computer classrooms and select student lounge and library areas at each of our locations. Students are expected to adhere to our Policy on Computer Use when using any University-owned computer or technology systems or services.

Computer Log-in Required Starting March 4, 2013

Wilmington University is implementing a multi-phase plan to enhance computer security. Computer security is an ongoing priority around the world, and these steps will help us protect your information and the University's technology infrastructure from potential threats.

On March 4, 2013, Wilmington University will begin requiring students and instructors to log in before using any University-owned or University–managed desktop or laptop computer.

  • Students will log in to computers using their WebCampus username and password.
  • Instructors (full-time and adjunct faculty) will log in to computers using their University E-mail username and password (starting 7/8/2012—see below).

This includes, but is limited to, computer classrooms and labs, library computers, classroom instructor workstations, and open-area computers at our New Castle, Wilson Graduate Center, Brandywine, Dover, and Rehoboth Beach locations.

In addition to enhanced security, computer log-in opens the door for us to provide additional technology services and benefits to students and instructors in the future.

Below is a working timeline of which computers will require log-in and when.

Computer Log-in Rollout Schedule

Date Area(s)
3/4/13 Student log-in required for all Library and open-lab, and open-area computers.
5/6/13 Student log-in required for all remaining computer classrooms and labs.
7/8/13 Instructor log-in required for all teaching stations.