Six Ways to Take a Class at Wilmington University

semester, block, and modular timeline

Semester Courses

Semester classes meet fourteen times over fifteen weeks. Typically, each class meets once per week for 2-1/2 hours. After the seventh week, there is a mid-semester break with no class meeting, called reading week.

Block Courses

Block classes meet for seven weeks. Typically, each class meets once per week for five hours. There are two seven-week blocks during each semester. Block I starts on the first week of the semester, and Block II starts on the 8th week of the semester, with a reading week between each block.

Modular Courses

Modular classes meet for only two weekends in one month for twenty hours each weekend. Modular classes meet Friday 5:30–9:30pm, Saturday and Sunday 9:00–5:00pm. There is a weekend with no classes between the two twenty-hour sessions. For more information see the Modular Class Schedule.

Online Courses

Online courses provide the ultimate convenience for self-motivated, self-directed students. Students in online courses complete weekly readings, assignments, and other learning activities using Blackboard, our online learning platform. Students and faculty members communicate with faculty and classmates via e-mail, chat, and discussion boards. These courses are 100% online courses with no on-location meetings. Online course duration may be either semester or block. For more information, see Online Learning.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses are courses in which time traditionally spent in the classroom is reduced by as much as 50 percent and a significant portion of the learning activities have been moved online using Blackboard. Hybrid course duration may be either semester or block. For more information see Online Learning.

Fusion Courses

Fusion programs combine online and face-to-face learning in a highly accelerated 5 week period. Only a select number of degree programs are offered in a fusion format. Fusion programs will have at least three five-week courses each semester.