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Flexible Schedules

Customize your course schedule with courses available in seven-week blocks, weekend modular, online and more. Whatever your scheduling needs, there's a flexible course format available to accommodate it.

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Explore the courses being offered for the current terms. Unsure what courses to take? Review the suggested course sequence for your degree program or schedule time to meet with your academic advisor for guidance.

Course Electives

A free elective can be any course, as long as you have met the required pre-requisite.

  • Humanities Electives – ART, HUM, LIT, MUS, PHI, FRE, GER, SPA, DRA, CUL, ETH, REL, BBM 319, COM 245, COM 322, DSN 110, ENG 360, ENG 365, TEC 215, HIS 230, VMG311, VMG312, VMG313
  • Nursing - HLT, POL380
  • Business – BBM, BAC, FIN, HRM, BMK, SPN
  • Fine Arts Electives (Education) – ART, DRA, MUS, DSN 110, HIS 320, HUM 307, HUM 330, TEC 215
  • Design Electives – COM, DFM, DSN, TEC, ART, DRA, GDD, VMG, VFX
  • Social Science – PSY 101, SOC 101, HIS, POL
  • Behavioral Science Electives - PSY, CRJ, SOC, ORG
  • Natural Science – Any SCI (NOT SCI 308)

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