My Degree Program

New! Track Your Progress in WebCampus

Now you can use WebCampus to view which courses you have left to take to complete your degree program.

  1. Log in to WebCampus
  2. From the left menu, choose My Degree Program*
  3. For assistance selecting a course schedule, please attend a walk-in advising session.

Video Tutorial: Understanding My Degree Program

(If your program is not loaded, please contact the University Information Center for assistance.)

Take the next step. Determine which classes you should take next.

Completion degrees and some full programs do not have suggested sequence guides. For these degree programs please use the course description page to determine the pre-requisites for your classes.

* My Degree Program is only available for students who began their degree program in the 2008-2009 academic year or later. If you do not see the My Degree Program option in WebCampus, please contact the University Information Center for assistance.

Degree Program Requirements

Find degree program descriptions and a general list of program requirements for the current academic year here.