Blackboard Student Login

Where can I find my Blackboard login information?

All new students are sent their Blackboard/WebCampus login information via email and postal mail shortly after completing the admission process. This video tutorial will show you how to login to Blackboard.

Your username and default password are also printed on the course schedule you received if you registered for your courses in person a University location.

Registration Form and Payment Contract

If you have not previously logged in to Blackboard or WebCampus, or have not changed your password, the password printed on your schedule is valid.

NEW! Forget Your Username or Password or
Don't Have Your Schedule?

If you don't have your schedule or have forgotten your WebCampus/Blackboard Username or Password you can now request it through WebCampus!

How do I change my password?

  1. Login to WebCampus
  2. On the left menu, click "Change Password"
  3. Follow the directions on the page.

How to I set my email address in Blackboard?

All Blackboard accounts are setup automatically with your Wilmington University email address, which ends in "". To use your Wilmington University email, login to WebCampus.

After You Log In

Set Privacy Options for your Personal Information by going to: Tools > Personal Information > Set Privacy Options. Note: Put a check in the box to make public.

Additional Help

Visit our online support center!