Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE)

The Rich Content Editor in Canvas was updated in December 2020. 

The new release of the Rich Content Editor (RCE) removed the content selector on the right sidebar, which was used to insert links files and images. These features have been moved to the new RCE toolbar. The new RCE organizes tools in a Menu Bar, a Tool Bar and a Content area. The Toolbar allows you to add, edit and format your content. Under the Edit menu, you will see Undo and Redo. The Kaltura tool can be found in the External tools area.

For a detailed comparison of the previous RCE and the new release, please refer to the Rich Content Editor Comparison on the Canvas Community website. 

The image below has each area of the new RCE labeled:

Schema of the Rich Content Editor in Canvas Tool bar and menu

  1. Title field
  2. RCE Menu Bar
  3. RCE Tool Bar
  4. Content Area or Content Field
  5. Text Formatting Tools
  6. Insertion Tools (external URLs, internal links within the course, images, media, documents)
  7. External Tools (Kaltura and External Apps, YouTube is under the plug icon)
  8. Paragraph formatting Tools
  9. Specialty Tools: Clear formatting, Add Table, Equations, Embed Code
  10. Keyboard Shortcuts
  11. Accessibility Checker
  12. Word Counter
  13. HTML editor
  14. Full Screen View (click ESC to return to Canvas view)


The RCE is available to instructors in these areas of Canvas:

  • Announcements
  • Assignments
  • Discussions
  • Pages
  • Quizzes
  • Syllabus

Instructor resources:


The RCE is available to students in these areas of Canvas:

  • Discussions
  • Assignment Text Box (if the assignment submission has the text box enabled)
  • Group Pages, Discussions, Announcements

Student Resources: