Portfolium is an e-portfolio system that allows students and alumni to visually showcase their academic work, projects and accomplishments. Portfolium is a free and effective way of creating and sharing a rich e-portfolio on a collaborative network that connects students and alumni to recruiters, companies, and jobs.

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How to access Portfolium via Canvas

All Wilmington University students and faculty can access their Portfolium account via Canvas, by following these steps: 

  1. Click the Account link in the Global Navigation Menu
  2. Click Portfolium, and then follow the prompts that appear on the screen.

Portfolium access from Canvas

Features of Portfolium

  • Upload samples of your coursework, transcripts, certificates, awards, writing samples, and more
  • Share pictures and videos of extracurricular activities, lab research, and experiment results
  • Share demonstrations of specific skills, such as design, drawing, programming, etc.
  • Follow companies of interest and explore job opportunities
  • Learn more about Portfolium's features

Portfolium as a tool for student success

Students who create an e-portfolio on Portfolium will be able to supplement their resume with visual examples of their projects and accomplishments. This can be instrumental for their success in the job market because, using Portfolium effectively will present them as strong candidates for hire. In addition, all users of the platform – students, alumni and faculty alike, will be able to track their individual growth and performance in their area of specialization over time. The opportunity to self-evaluate and self-assess that the platform encourages, can lead to overall improvement and expertise. Read more in the WilmU magazine article, "A Platform for Student Success".

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