Using Portfolium Mobile App

Portfolium offers a mobile app alternative for both students and instructors to share their "portfolio on-the-go" while interacting with their network and connecting with potential employers. The mobile app is convenient and easy to use. The app is only available on iOS.

Mobile App Navigation and Features

Once the app is downloaded and opened, the user is prompted to login if they already have an account or Join for free.

Join Portfolium for Free


Students can login with their WilmU email or connect through LinkedIn or Facebook

Login screen


The user is greeted with a home page where all current posting activity is located based on the people, companies and subject areas that is followed. A user can interact by adding comments and liking a post. The home page has 8 main features:

Portfolium home page greeting


  • Feature 1 is the “interests” section which allows a user to curate their feed according to their interests.

Portfolium interests

  • Feature 2 is the inbox where one can receive messages

Portfolium inbox

  • Feature 3 is where the user receives notifications on their activity or pages they interacted with.
  • Feature 4 helps the user return to the home page.
  • Feature 5 allows the user to search the Portfolium platform for topics or people.

search the Portfolium platform for topics or people

  • Feature 6 allows the user to upload coursework, indicate their hobbies, job, clubs and any other relevant information that maximize the platform’s potential.

upload coursework

  • Feature 7 fosters connection and networking with others on the platform.

connection and networking with others

  • Feature 8 is where all the user's Portfolium documents and connections are stored.

Portfolium documents and connections storage