Canvas Organizations

What is a Canvas Organization?

A Canvas Organization serves as a platform for fostering a persistent online community within our Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), distinct from the time-bound nature of traditional Canvas courses tied to specific terms. It provides a space for department leaders, program chairs, and club advisors to interact with our diverse community of students, faculty, and staff, facilitating ongoing communication, collaboration, and support.

In contrast to Canvas courses, which are automatically generated through our Student Information System (SIS)-driven process, Canvas Organizations are manually created by our Ed Tech Systems team upon request via the Canvas Organization Request form. This hands-on approach ensures flexibility in managing enrollments and proper categorization, while maintaining alignment with departmental needs.

Faculty Org Leaders, designated staff members within Canvas Organizations, are pivotal in managing user access and engagement. They have permissions similar to those of Teacher users in standard courses, enabling them to oversee assignments, content, discussions, and announcements.

Although Canvas courses streamline enrollment through an automated process, Canvas Organizations rely on manual intervention for user additions and removals. This manual oversight, handled by Faculty Org Leaders, ensures that user access remains tailored to the specific needs of each department or student club/association. 

Need your own Organization?

WilmU faculty and staff can initiate the creation of a new Organization for their group by filling out the Canvas Organization Request form.

How to access organizations in Canvas

Organizations you're enrolled in are listed along with your courses in Canvas. Often, your organization leader enrolled you in any organizations listed.

  • Log in to MyWilmU and select Canvas.
  • If you received an invitation by email to join a Canvas organization, select the link in the email. Then use your MyWilmU email and password to log in to Canvas and accept the invitation. The email will have the subject line Course Invitation.
  • Select organizations are available for all students to join. To instantly join a Canvas Organization, click the link below and then click the button labeled Enroll in Course.
Canvas Organizations that allow for self-enrollment
Name of Organization and self-enroll link
Organization Description
The Pride Club The Pride Club promotes awareness, acceptance, tolerance, and support of LGBTQIA+ students and allies.
Applied Family Science Master Program Join this organization to learn about the AFS program, including bios for the faculty in the program, library resource guides, and other academic support resources. 
Cyber Makers In a million garages, attics and work spaces worldwide the future is being created. With the introduction of new tools, toys, techniques and materials, an idea has taken root. An inconceivable number of projects combining science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics are being created by anyone with the desire to create. Add that many of these projects are openly available and free to duplicate or be modified by anyone. It is an amazing time to be curious. Wilmington University has created the Cyber Maker’s Club to tap this spirit of creativity and innovation. This club is open to anyone at Wilmington University who is curious about where technology is going and wants to learn how to shape it. Many people don’t realize that some of the most impressive tools such as 3D printers and CNC cutting machines are simple to operate and provide spectacular results. You don’t have to be a technology wizard to participate. All you need is a sense of adventure and imagination (the learning part will happen accidentally).
Epsilon Pi Tau International Honor Society/Delta Lambda Chapter Epsilon Pi Tau is the Leading International Honor Society for Technology. Epsilon Pi Tau was established in 1929 and recognizes students' academic excellence in fields devoted to studying technology and preparing practitioners for the technology professions. Wilmington University’s Delta Lambda Chapter of Epsilon Pi Tau was created in 2012. An annual induction ceremony takes place each fall semester and recognizes the academic achievement of College of Technology students, who are in their junior or senior year. Membership is by invitation only for students who are in good standing and meet the minimum academic requirements.
HSC/ALH Students Student organization for Heath Science and Allied Health majors.
MED School Leadership Program Notebook This is the Canvas Organization for the Master's Program in School Leadership at Wilmington University.
National Cyber League This organization is intended to help students and faculty engage in the National Cyber League competition.
Psychology/Organizational Dynamics Students Organization (POSA) POSA is a place for students and alumni interested in psychology and organizational dynamics to experience the field in a non-classroom setting. The organization will provide opportunities to network, volunteer, and learn more about graduate school and careers in psychology. Becoming an active member is a great way to connect with other students and faculty. It's also a great addition to your resume! While POSA is specifically designed for Psychology and Organizational Dynamics majors, it is open to all students who share an interest in the field.
RN to BSN Students The Canvas Organization for BSN Students.
Student Government Association Through joining SGA, students can plan campus events, give back through community service, and serve as the voice of the student body.
Accomplished Teaching Support Network This site is for Wilmington Students currently working on National Board Certification. Updates, resources and networking opportunities for those working on their components can be found here.
Career Services Career Services is a free resource for students to learn more about their chosen career fields, engage in exploration, develop resumes and career plans, gain experiential learning, and receive employment search assistance. Our goal is to help you find a rewarding career!
CoHPNS Nurse Practitioner Site Visitors This site is for communication with the NP program site visitors. It houses important announcements, training, and documents needed for their role.

Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

The functions of the SAAC organization are to emphasize academic opportunities and responsibilities of student-athletes in their college experience; encourage student-athletes to apply what is learned in athletics to their course of study and, ultimately, to their career development; assist in the implementation of orientation programs for student-athletes; promote positive relationships between student-athletes and the staff and faculty of the University and the residents of the community; and assist in the implementation of programs that will promote a positive image of intercollegiate athletics and the student-athlete. Contact: Derek Buckley

College of Business Organization

This Canvas organization is for active students in the College of Business to receive announcements and recognition for their achievements.

Graduate Trauma and Resilience Certificate

This is a place for individuals enrolled in the graduate certificate in trauma and resilience to connect, learn, share, and grow!

The Ed Tech department is dedicated to meeting the training needs of faculty and staff. To request a training appointment or tech support for your organizations, please contact