Canvas Course Timeline

Screen image of Courses Icon from the Canvas Global Navigation MenuThis is an overview of when instructors and students can see and access their courses in Canvas.

Wilmington University reserves the right to make changes.

To see your course enrollments, past, present, and future, click on the Courses icon in the Global Navigation menu. 

Please see the Academic Calendar to review important dates for the academic year. 



Courses Appear in Canvas dashboard under Future Enrollments→

6 weeks prior to start of Block/Semester, students will be able to view their course enrollments on their Canvas dashboard.

  • Courses will appear under Future Enrollments, at the bottom of the dashboard.
  • Students will not be able to access a course site until two weeks before that class is scheduled to begin.

← Courses are Loaded with Template Content for Instructors to Access

6 weeks prior to start of block, faculty will be given access to their Canvas courses.

  • The majority of courses will be loaded with online course template content.
  • Instructors will be able to prepare their courses by posting their syllabus and personalizing their course.
  • Based on new course assignments in the SIS, courses will be loaded into an instructor’s Canvas dashboard with template content on an on-going basis.
  • Cross-listed courses will be cross-listed up to a week after they are loaded in with content.

Courses Published for Students to Access→

2 weeks prior to start of the Block/Semester, courses will be published for students to access via their Canvas dashboard.

  • Courses should have syllabus and textbook information available.
  • Other course materials will be posted at the instructor's discretion.

Most courses will have an introductions discussion board.

↑Courses Change to a Read-only State

60 days after the end of the course, students and faculty will continue to have access to the course in LMS. After this time, courses will be retained within the LMS for at least three academic years, but they will change to a read-only state.