Frequently Asked Questions

I've been recently hired as an adjunct instructor at Wilmington University. Where do I obtain an employment packet and what employment paperwork must I complete?

The employment packet will be mailed to you by the Faculty Development & Support office once your hire notice is received from your Director or Program Chair. You should order your official transcripts from the university/college where your highest degree was earned as soon as you are hired. The forms that must be completed prior to your start date are:

  • Employment Application
  • I-9 Form (with acceptable documentation)
  • W4 Form
  • FERPA Tutorial (you should complete this online before your orientation)
  • Personal Data Sheet
  • Direct Deposit Form
  • Transcript Request Form (to be sent to the college/university where you completed your highest degree or submitted to WU if your degree is from us).

Do I need to attend an Adjunct Faculty Administrative Orientation?

Yes. You will be contacted by the site representative about 3-4 weeks before you begin teaching for the University. These orientations are typically held at the site where you will be teaching. You will submit your completed employment paperwork and I9 documents at the orientation. You may also be able to receive your WU Faculty ID card at the orientation – check with the site representative. The orientations usually last about one hour.

How will I receive a Wilmington University e-mail address?

It will be included with the email (as a separate attachment) you receive (to your personal email address) after your hire information has been received from your Director or Program Chair and you are entered into our database. Normally, this is when you will also receive this document.

If you have received your e-mail address already and need more assistance visit our e-mail support page.

How will I receive my WebCampus (Faculty Portal)/Blackboard log in information?

This will be included on the attachment sent to you with your WU email account information. In order for the password to be changed or for you to be able to re-enter WebCampus after your initial entry, you must submit your social security number and date of birth to This is required by the system before you can change your password (which you will be required to do after the first time you enter WebCampus).

If you need help with WebCampus, you can visit the WebCampus support page here.

When can I expect my Teaching Confirmation Letter?

Teaching Confirmation Letters are typically mailed, via US mail, approximately 4-6 weeks before the start of each term. This letter will include information regarding submission of your syllabus, payment information, contact information, and term dates. Please review the course information carefully; you will not receive any further information regarding the course(s) you are scheduled to teach until the course begins. You will receive a payment letter (notice of the amount paid for your course) if the course runs. This letter will be placed in your mailbox (for classes at New Castle, Wilson Graduate Center, Dover, Dover AFB, and Georgetown). Payment letters for classes at the other sites/locations will be mailed to your home address.

How much am I paid for my course?

Specific payment amount questions should be directed to your Director or Program Chair. Payment may be adjusted according to enrollment.

When can I expect to be paid?

ou will be paid on the last working day of the months you are teaching. Those months depend on the type of course you are teaching.

  • Block courses are paid in 2 equal payments at the end of each month during the block.
  • Semester courses are paid in 4 equal payments at the end of each month during the semester.
  • Modular courses are paid at the end of the designated "modular month". For example, "M1" and "M3" will be paid at the end of the first month of the block and "M2" and "M4" will be paid at the end of the second month of the block.
  • Fusion courses are paid in accordance with their scheduled meeting dates. For example, "Fusion 1" and "Fusion 2" courses are paid in the same manner as Modular courses – "F1" will be paid at the end of the first month in the block and "F2" will be paid at the end of the second month in the block. "Fusion 3" is paid the same as a regular block course.
  • Directed Studies, Indirect Studies, Internships, and PLAs are paid on the last pay date of the month following the end of the term. For example, Spring I will be paid at the end of March and Spring Semester will be paid at the end of May.

Who do I contact if there appears to be a problem with the information contained in the Teaching Confirmation Letter or Payment Letter?

You should contact Faculty Development & Support at 302-356-6726 or

How do I change my W4 or Direct Deposit information?

You can download a copy of the W4 Form and/or Direct Deposit Form the Human Resources Forms webpage (available to you through Web Campus or at The completed forms are then sent to the Payroll Office via fax (302-328-8871) or by mail to Wilmington University, Payroll Office, 320 N. DuPont Highway, New Castle, DE 19720.

What is my Mailbox and where is it located?

Your "mailbox" is a hanging folder located in a file cabinet on the site where you are teaching. It will be available to you during the term you are teaching (and up to 2 weeks after the term ends). The "mailbox" location depends on where you are teaching.

  • New Castle (DAC Building) - 2nd Floor, DAC Building, behind the Adjunct Faculty secretary's station
  • New Castle (Peoples Building) – Ground Floor – Room 095
  • New Castle (Annex Buildings or Alumni Center) – Alumni Center, Adjunct Faculty secretary's station/office
  • Middletown – WU Office, black file cabinet behind the front desk
  • Claymont - There are no mailboxes assigned for this site. Please contact Melanie Baldwin (302-295-1181, with questions
  • Dover – 2nd Floor of Building A by the Adjunct Faculty secretary's station (ask for assistance)
  • DAFB and Georgetown – Ask at the front desk of the site.
  • Cumberland (NJ) – University Center, Office #5
  • Mt. Laurel/Pemberton (NJ) - Laurel Hall, 1st floor, mailroom off of Faculty Lounge

Do I need to attend Blackboard Training?

It is recommended that you complete the Blackboard Training (tutorial) before you start teaching their class. The online version of this training will be available to you when you log into Blackboard (Blackboard is accessed via WebCampus – click on "Blackboard" from your WebCampus menu). It will be in the section of Blackboard titled "Courses you are enrolled in". Please read the directions before you start. Any questions (and notice of completion) should be emailed from your WU email address to or Please allow 48 hours for a response if emailing over a weekend or university holiday.

If you are not teaching a course when you begin the training/tutorial, please email – they will give you "dummy" course to use. You may also wait until your assigned course has been loaded into your Blackboard.

When is Blackboard Training offered and how do I enroll?

Training schedules and types of training are available on Blackboard's web page: Attending any of the training programs for Blackboard requires you to have your WU email account information and WebCampus information. If you need this information again, please contact for assistance.

When is my Class Information and Schedule (formally known as "syllabus" due?

Routinely, they are normally due 2-3 weeks before the start of the term for your class. New instructors should have their Class Information & Schedule reviewed/approved by their Director or Program Chair.

How do I access a copy of my class's Basic Course Information (course description, overview, learning outcomes and objective)?

If your class has been loaded into Blackboard, there is a link in the Syllabus Section of your course. If your class has not been loaded, click on the following link and scroll down until you find your program, open it, and then scroll until you find your specific course number (

Where do I find information about completing my Class Information & Schedule?

There is an item with directions for this part of the class's syllabus in your course on Blackboard. You may also access additional information, including a short video tutorial at The template can be accessed via the previous link or through your course in Blackboard. All pertinent information to how you will teach your class should be included (evaluation methods, specifics about missed classes, grading, etc.) Always check with your Program Chair before finalizing this for the first time.

How can I access my course roster and classroom location?

Log into Web Campus ( using the information you were sent from Faculty Development & Support. Remember, the username and password for WebCampus are NOT the same as your WU email username and password. When you log in, you have several options available to you. Under "Academic", click on "Course Rosters" and you will be able to download the roster for your course. You can print a copy by clicking on the "Official Roster Printer-friendly" option. Print your roster for the first night of class and print one for the second and third nights. By the third night of class, there shouldn't be any more changes to your official roster.

To access your classroom location, click on "My Schedule" from your WebCampus menu – select the correct term. Your classroom, once assigned, will be listed on this schedule.

When are my final grades due and where do I submit them?

Final grades are due within 7 days after your last class. Grades are entered online using WebCampus. You simply log into WebCampus, click on "Grade Entry" (in the menu under "Academic") and enter your grades. You must submit a grade for every student on your roster. If you are teaching more than once course, finish the process for each course. You will be able to access the Grade Entry one week before your class ends and for 3 weeks after (to make changes) it is completed. Any changes to grades after that time must be submitted via a Grade Change Form, available from the Grade Entry section of your WebCampus.

If you are using the Grade Entry option in Blackboard, you will still need to 'manually' enter your final grades using WebCampus. DO NOT USE BLACKBOARD TO ENTER YOUR FINAL GRADES! A confirmation receipt of grades will be sent to your WU email address if the grades were successfully submitted.

How do I find out the location of my classroom?

Approximately 1-2 weeks before the start of your class, the room number will be available on your WebCampus. Click on "My Schedule" – once the room number has been assigned, it will be listed. A list of courses/classrooms should also be posted at the sites. In some cases, the room numbers are not assigned until a few days before the start of the term.

Who do I contact if I need to cancel or reschedule a class?

  • If your class is at New Castle, contact the Registrar's Office, (302) 356-6930. Someone will place a note on your classroom door. If you want your students contacted, you must do this.
  • If your site is at another location, contact that site directly:
    • Wilson Graduate Center: 302-655-5400
    • Middletown: 302-378-0360 or 302-295-1116
    • North Wilmington: (302) 478-2491
    • Dover: 302-734-2594
    • Dover AFB: 302-674-8726
    • Georgetown: 302-856-5780
    • Rehoboth Beach: 302-227-6295
    • Cumberland (NJ): 856-691-8600 Ext.551
    • Mt. Laurel/Pemberton (NJ): 856-222-9311 Ext. 2115 or Ext. 2116
    • JB-MDL (NJ): 609-723-2790 or 609-694-8709

How do I arrange for audio/visual equipment in my classroom?

Some classrooms are equipped with Teaching Stations that include a computer, projector, VCR and DVD player. You should always reserve any AV equipment needed just in case your classroom does not have the Teaching Station. Reservations should be made 2 business days in advance of your class by e-mailing or by contacting the site office directly. Each site has a list of available equipment. Please contact them directly.

  • New Castle Reservations/Help: 302-356-6808
  • Wilson Graduate Center Reservations/Help: 302-356-6808 or 302-295-1182
  • Middletown: Classrooms have a fully functioning teaching station
  • Claymont: Graduate Center at 302-655-5400
  • Dover Reservations/Help: 302-734-2594
  • Georgetown: 302-856-5780
  • Dover AFB: 302-674-8726
  • Cumberland (NJ): 856-691-8600 Ext. 551
  • Mt. Laurel/Pemberton (NJ): 856-222-9311 Ext. 2115 or Ext. 2116
  • JB-MDL (NJ): 609-723-2790 or 609-694-8709