Online Course Preparation List

Please use this list as a guide to help you prepare your online course prior to the start of your class. Some tasks have video tutorials for your reference.


  1. Add date restrictions to discussion board forums, tests, and weekly folders (optional)
  2. Add Faculty Contact information
  3. Update the Course Information and Schedule (CIS) in the Syllabus section with instructor’s name and contact information, preferred communication method, expected response times to messages and assignments, and other course-specific policies.
  1. Create introductory announcement.  The introductory announcement should include a welcome message and pertinent information about the course.
  2. Make the course available at least one week prior to the start of the class so students can preview the material. Release Discussion Board and Assignment tabs on the menu bar prior to first day of class.
  3. If adjustments are made to assignments –make adjustments to the syllabus and in the Grade Center.
  4. Check with the Office of Disability Services for student disability accommodation information.
  5. Correct spelling and/or grammatical errors throughout the course.
  6. Confirm that online Grade Center settings are accurate.


  1. If you have previously taught the course, review past course evaluations to determine if enhancements for instructional strategies are required. Contact your Program Chair for IDEA information.
  2. Make enhancements to course design where necessary (You may add resources-websites, videos, podcasts, articles, and change out discussion board questions).
    *Please check with your Program Chair before making changes to assignments.


  1. Use the Link Checker in Course Tools (located in the Control Panel) to check the URLs in the course – find replacement links if needed.
  2. Check all media for proper display (broken images, video playback, etc.)
  3. Test the course navigation for accessibility and correct any accessibility problems.