Professional Studies Master of Science

Program Purpose

This forward-thinking online 33-credit master’s degree program in professional studies allows learners to leverage transfer credits, certificate programs, and interdisciplinary electives to construct the perfect graduate program to start, advance, or change their careers. Its emphasis on global awareness, cultural sensitivity, and critical and creative thinking positions graduates for success in the nonprofit, government, education, and for-profit sectors.


Created with an eye toward the future, this program prepares leaders with the capacity to recognize cultural perspectives and reflect on cultural differences, identify challenges and opportunities inherent in globalization, appreciate the nuances of diverse leadership styles, conduct an analytical inquiry into local and global problems, and lead by influence for effective problem solving and collaboration.

Course Requirements

Core Courses

MGT 6400 Global Leadership

SOC 6606 21st Century Globalization

SOC 6607 Culture & Communication



Select one research methods course from existing approved options:


  • MHE 7001 Academic Research & Writing
  • MGT 6502 Academic Research & Writing
  • MAJ 6633 Research Methods in Criminal Justice
  • AFM 6620 Research in Practice
  • AHS 6630 Research, Design, and Evaluation of Programs in Human Services



Select one option for demonstration of mastery from existing approved options:


  • AHS 8100 Practicum
  • AHS 8200 Capstone Project
  • AHS 8300 Thesis
  • MGT 8150 MSM Internship
  • MGT 8000 MSM Business Simulation
  • Or other suitable courses of demonstration of mastery with the Program Chair’s approval.



The remaining 18 credits of this professional studies master’s degree can be fulfilled in several ways:


  • Potential Outside or Internal Wilmington University Credits.
  • Students may transfer in 12 graduate credits from an accredited college or university per Wilmington University's transfer credit policy and develop a personalized learning pathway in coordination with the Program Chair.
  • Students may avail themselves of existing concentrations in graduate programs. Prerequisite and core course requirements may apply.
  • Students may transfer in graduate credits from another program and develop a personalized learning pathway in coordination with the Program Chair.
  • Students are encouraged to view graduate certificate options available in other Wilmington University graduate programs.
  • Wilmington University graduate certificate options may require prerequisite courses.


Contact the Program Chair for more information.

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2023-2024 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2022 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.