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Center for Cybersecurity Education (CCE)

About the Center for Cybersecurity Education at Wilmington University

The Center for Cybersecurity Education is dedicated to “walking-the-walk” as a center of academic excellence. CCE consists of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, concentrations and certificates in cybersecurity, information assurance, digital forensics and SCADA. The University and its faculty work with industry, state and national organizations to further cybersecurity education and help build the nation’s ability to defend itself against cyber attacks.

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Wilmington University’s Bachelor of Science in Computer & Network Security was first designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CAE) by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security in 2011 and remains so designated. For more information:


Mark J. Hufe, Ed.D

Director, Center for Cybersecurity Education

The Center for Cybersecurity Education (CCE) Academic Advisory Committee consists of external members from industry and academia concerned with cybersecurity education and workforce development. The committee meets at least once per year to provide guidance on cybersecurity curriculum, broader student cybersecurity career preparation and CCE activities such as outreach and competitions.

Wilmington University is grateful for the time and energy that our government, industry and academic partners provide to help make our programs relevant and our students successful.

The membership of the CCE Academic Advisory Committee is listed below. If you are interested in serving on the committee, Dr. Hufe would like to hear from you!

Jonathan Arena | Director of Service Operations

Randy Sultzer

National Security Agency | Program Director

Dr. Rick Kralevich

Delaware Technical and Community College | Academic Director

Levi Gable

Serves as Recent Graduate/Alumni | System Vulnerability Analyst- NSA

Jerrod Bates

Delaware Technical and Community College | Information Security Instructor

Dr. Tommy Lu

Delaware Technical and Community College | Chair, Computer Technoloigies

Peter McCann

e3 Discovery Consultants | President

J.R. Murray

Deductiv | Managing Principal

Casey O'Brien

National CyberWatch Center | Director

Catherine Russo

Wilmington University | Career Services

Elayne Starkey

Dept of Technology and Information | Cybersecurity Evangelist

Endre Jarraux Walls

Customers Bankcorp Inc. | Chief Information Security Officer

Dr. Charles Whealton

Delaware Technical and Community College | Department Chair, Instructor and Program Advisor

Kevin Wright

Delaware Dept of State | Startegic Application Support Project Leader

Paul Hester

J.P. Morgan Chase | Vice President, Information Risk Lead

Bernard DeMarinis

MITRE | Director Strategic Initiatives

George Cognet

Delaware Technical and Community College | Department Chair, Instructor and Program Advisor