College of Technology Students

Wilmington University Technology Minors gives you the opportunity to develop theoretical and practical skills in the informational technologies involving design and communications to enhance your studies and support career goals.

Pursue a minor in the following areas of study:

Digital Film-Making

Students interested in film are equipped to obtain a background in digital production and film-making through the use of current digital technology.

Graphic Design

Develop your creative skills in the digital design and computer interface fields through the study of informative and innovative visual communication.


In the Photography minor, students will improve their photographic skills in a course of study that could ultimately lead to employment as working photographers.


This minor encompasses coursework within both the television studio and video production domains, with additional coursework in non-linear editing to build skills necessary for the professional video field.

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Our career-oriented undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs emphasize in-demand knowledge and skills that employers need, taught by faculty who are practitioners in their career fields.

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