Expanding career opportunities in education

Wilmington University is providing additional pathways for students to achieve their career goals in education beyond the classroom.

NEW Bachelor of Science in Education Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Education Studies is an entry-level major for all students seeking a bachelor’s degree in education. It provides students the knowledge and skills to work effectively with children and youth in positions that do not require state licensure/certification and an early opportunity to enter a teacher licensure/certification program at a later date.

NEW Master of Education in Education Studies

The Master of Education in Education Studies program prepares graduates for many rewarding careers working with children and youth, such as nonprofit or community organizations, private education, or public service. It does not qualify students for licensure/certification.

Education Studies degrees do not qualify recipients for state licensure and/or certification.

Students wishing to become a licensed/certified teacher

Student wishing to become licensed/certified in the state of Delaware will automatically be transitioned into the appropriate parallel teacher preparation program upon submitting a complete and official Praxis Series Core Academic Skills for Educator score report that meets the passing scores set by the Delaware Department of Education. All courses successfully completed as part of your Education Studies degree will seamlessly transfer to your licensure/certificate program.


Praxis Series Core Academic Skills for Educators

Praxis Series tests are taken by individuals entering the teaching profession as part of the certification process required by many states and professional licensing organizations.

Applicants for admission to any teacher licensure/certification program must achieve passing scores on all three tests in the ETS Praxis Series Core Academic Skills for Educators.

Test Minimum Score
ETS 5712 Reading 156
ETS 5722 Writing 162
ETS 5732 Mathematics 150


Students who have taken Praxis I prior to June 2014 have until August 31, 2014 to complete and pass all sections of Praxis I. After August 31, 2014 students will be required to pass the respective missing sections of the ETS Praxis Series Core Academic Skills for Educators.

   Praxis Core Overview

admission requirements

The admission requirement for each program differ. Visit Admission to learn what you need to do to be fully admitted into your program.


Frequently Asked Questions

A: If you have already taken and passed PRAXIS I: PPST or PRAXIS Core Academic Skills for Educators, you have satisfied the General Knowledge Test requirement for the State of Delaware.

In September 2013, PRAXIS Core Academic Skills for Educators was adopted by the Professional Standards Board as the General Knowledge Test in reading, writing, and mathematics, and required for licensure. However, teacher candidates who have not satisfied this requirement and who have taken PRAXIS I: PPST before June 1, 2014, will be allowed to continue taking this test to satisfy the General Knowledge requirement until it is no longer offered. PRAXIS I: PPST is anticipated to be discontinued on August 31, 2014.

Additionally, teacher candidates who have attempted PRAXIS I: PPST before June 1, 2014, may use any combination of PRAXIS I: PPST and/or PRAXIS Core Academic Skills for Educators to meet the General Knowledge requirement.

A: The official scores for computer delivered tests are mailed to designated score recipients 2-3 weeks after the test date. Paper delivered tests are mailed within four weeks. Electronic scores are sent within 4 weeks as well. In order for your official scores and subscores to be sent to Wilmington University, you must indicate our school at registration for the test through ETS.

A: Your scores are available online through the ETS website for one year after completing the test.

A: Once we receive official passing Delaware test scores, your major will automatically be switched to the parallel licensure/certification program. If you wish to remain in the Education Studies program, please contact your Academic Advisor and they will switch your major back to the original.

A: Once we receive and process your application you will be placed into the parallel licensure/certification program of your choice.

A: You can re-apply to the new Education Studies degree program and your acceptable credits will transfer into that program. If you pass the Praxis at a later date then you can move back into the teacher prep program. Contact an Academic Advisor for additional information.

A: If you are a current undergraduate student, you have until July 1, 2015 to submit passing Praxis scores.

A: If you have not taken the Praxis and passed based on Delaware's standards, then it is recommended that you applied to the Education Studies ME.D. degree program. Once you submit passing Praxis scores you will be moved into the parallel teacher preparation degree program.