What We Do

University Safety Responsibilities And Services

Emergency Planning

  • Primarily responsible for the development, implementation and exercise of emergency plans.
  • Oversees the inspection and replacement of emergency communications devices, emergency first aid supplies and CCTV equipment.
  • Conduct campus threat and vulnerability assessments.
  • Oversee the Wilmington University Safety Committee.

Emergency Response

  • Respond to emergency and non-emergency requests for safety services on campus.
  • Investigate crimes occurring on campus in conjunction with State and local law enforcement authorities.
  • Provide first aid to injured persons.
  • Deter, detect, observe and reports incidents occurring on campus.


  • Provide 24/7 campus security patrol.
  • Provide escorts for students, staff and faculty.
  • Provide timely notification of crime trends that may impact student safety.
  • Conduct prevention and awareness seminars for students, staff and faculty.
  • Maintain campus crime statistics.
  • Make disciplinary referrals to the Office of Student Affairs.
  • Control building access.

Vehicle/Traffic Assistance

  • Assist with campus traffic and provide traffic direction.
  • Provide parking assistance including special requests for short-term accommodations.
  • Provide assistance and referrals for vehicle emergencies.

Other Services

  • Maintain lost and found property.