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Shaping the Future - Wilmington University Middle States Self-Study 2023-2024


About Middle States Peer Review and Re-Accreditation

The Middle States Commission of Higher Education (MSCHE) grants accreditation to higher education institutions. The accreditation cycle consists of a Self-Study Evaluation and On-Site Evaluation visit and a Mid-Point Peer Review (MPRR).

From the MSCHE Standards:
The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), through accreditation, mandates that its member institutions meet rigorous and comprehensive standards, which are addressed in the context of the mission of each institution and within the culture of ethical practices and institutional integrity expected of accredited institutions. In meeting the quality standards of MSCHE accreditation, institutions earn accredited status, and this permits them to state with confidence: “Our students are well-served; society is well-served.”

To learn more about MSCHE and accreditation, visit the MSCHE web site.

Self-Study Evaluation Visit Chair

Dr. Meg Benke

History & Timeline

Wilmington University was first accredited by MSCHE in 1975 and has maintained accreditation since. Our last accreditation was in 2015, with our Peer Review submitted and accepted in 2019. Since the time of our last re-accreditation, MSCHE shortened the accreditation cycle from 10 years to eight years, with our visits at nine years apart during the transition. At Wilmington University, we are conducting our next self-study throughout 2022 and 2023, with the final report planned for submission to MSCHE in early 2024.


Revised September 21, 2023

Spring 2022


  • Work Group Co-Chairs and Work Group members invited to serve
  • February 25: Kick-off meeting with work groups members and Executive Leadership
  • March 9: University Coordinating Council Kick-off by Dr. Jordan and Dr. Westerfield
  • March 10: Faculty Senate Kick-off by Dr. Jordan and Dr. Westerfield
  • March 15: Self-Study Prep Visit from MSCHE liaison, Dr. Bob Bonfiglio
  • Self-study design approved
  • April 8: Steering Committee Meeting
  • SharePoint/Teams Site Live

Summer 2022

  • Steering Committee and work groups begin meeting regularly


  • Create web page with WilmU’s Middle States Self-Study information

Fall 2022

Steering committee meets once a month to review work group progress and draft Chapter One (Introduction).


  • November 18: Work groups submit an outline for their respective standard

Winter/Spring/Summer 2023


  • MSCHE selects evaluation team Chair; WU approves selection. Dates are selected for team visit and for Chair’s preliminary visit
  • January 23: Update to University Coordinating Council

January through May

  • Draft report edited


  • Final draft reports from working groups submitted to Steering committee

May through August

  • The co-chairs, with support from others, complete revisions
  • The co-chairs, with support from others, plan the release of the draft report to the campus community for comment as well as design and implementation of mechanisms to collect feedback

Fall 2023


  • September 23: The self-study process and standards are discussed at the Conference on Teaching Excellence.


  • October 4: The self-study process and standards are discussed at the University-Wide meeting.
  • October 30-31: Evaluation Team Chair preliminary visit

    Purpose (from the MSCHE website): The Team Chair’s preliminary visit assists the institution in understanding how the team will operate, and it assists the chair in planning how best to deploy the team. The purposes of the Chair’s preliminary visit are to:

    • Introduce the Team Chair to the institution, its people, and its environment so that the chair and team of peer evaluators can begin the upcoming on-site evaluation visit efficiently and effectively.
    • Ensure that the self-study process and evidence inventory approach will support a useful Evaluation Team visit.
    • Address practical preparation for the visit and to determine the institution’s readiness to host the visit.
    • If applicable, discuss the requirements and logistics for branch campus and additional location visits.
  • Draft revised as appropriate based on feedback from Team Chair and other reviewers


  • December 8: Self-Study Draft released to campus community for feedback

Spring 2024


  • Final version of Self-study approved by the Board of Trustees and submitted to Evaluation Team and MSCHE
  • Final document is published.
  • Submit final Self-Study report to Middle States six weeks prior to site visit


  • March 17-20: Self-study Evaluation Team visit

    Led by the Team Chair, a team of peer reviewers will visit Wilmington University to verify information in the Self-Study Report and meet with constituents.


  • MSCHE acts on Evaluation Report
  • Institutional Response to MSCHE



  • Periodic Review Report submitted to MSCHE

Steering Committee & Workgroup Members

Revised September 21, 2023

Self-Study Co-Chairs

  • Dr. Liz Jordan, Information Technology
  • Dr. Mary Ann Westerfield, Academic Support Services

Work Group 1

  • Standard 1, Mission & Goals
  • Requirements of Affiliation 7


  • Dr. Angela Herman, co-chair, College of Health Professions and Natural Science
  • Doug Scappa, co-chair, New Jersey Site
  • Brian Beard, Information Technology
  • Dr. Maria Hess, Office of the President
  • Dr. Nicole McDaniel, Financial Aid
  • Wendy Kennedy, Information Technology
  • Alexis Murphy, Academic Support Services
  • Melissa Palese, Student Recruitment
  • Courtney Rossi, Human Resources
  • Dr. Regina Allen-Sharpe, Student Affairs
  • Adam Voyton, Online Learning and Educational Technology
  • Dana White, Alumni Relations
  • Dr. Jim Wilson, Academic Affairs
  • Thomas Leipold, Board of Trustees

Work Group 2

  • Standard II, Ethics and Integrity
  • Requirements of Affiliation 1, 5, 6, 13, 14


  • Dr. Nicole Ballenger, co-chair, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Dr. Nicole Romano, co-chair, Human Resources
  • Maria Bannon, College of Technology
  • Dr. Johanna Bishop, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Dan Burke, Student Affairs
  • Julie Gladden, Transfer Services
  • Lauren Godwin, Admissions
  • Dr. Aaron Sebach, College of Health Professions and Natural Sciences
  • Dr. Danny Walker, College of Education and Liberal Arts
  • Misty Williams, Office of the Registrar
  • Vaishnav Hari, Student Representative

Work Group 3

  • Standard III, Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience
  • Requirements of Affiliation 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 15


  • Dr. Kate Cottle, co-chair, College of Education
  • Dr. Sallie Reissman, co-chair, Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Deb Berke, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Dr. Adrienne Bey, Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Dr. Matt Davis, Academic Affairs
  • Megan Durstein, Office of the Registrar
  • Dana Hanf, Transfer Services
  • Pam Huxtable, Online Learning & Educational Technology
  • Dedra Poe, College of Education and Liberal Arts
  • Lindsay Rice, Partnership and Community Affairs
  • Christyn Rudolf, Student Life
  • Michelle Reyes, Library

Work Group 4

  • Standard IV, Support of the Student Experience
  • Requirements of Affiliation 8, 10


  • Dr. Lucia Nemeth, co-chair, Academic Support Services
  • Dr. Bonnie Kirkpatrick, co-chair, Academic Support Services
  • Dr. Diane Bansbach, College of Education and Liberal Arts
  • Dr. Lauren Havens, Student Engagement Center
  • Christina Darrah, Student Financial Services
  • Jeff Martino, Partnership and Community Affairs
  • Alice Miller, Student Life
  • Kim Plusch, Career Services
  • Sherri Strobel, Academic Advising
  • Dr. Robin Weinstein, College of Business
  • Elizabeth Barben, Student Representative

Work Group 5

  • Standard V, Educational Effectiveness Assessment
  • Requirements of Affiliation 2, 8, 10


  • Dr. John Sparco, co-chair, College of Business
  • Dr. Denise Wells, co-chair, Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Michele Brewer, College of Education and Liberal Arts
  • Dr. Stephen Buchanan, Online Learning & Educational Technology
  • Dr. Kelly Cheeseman, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Dr. Michael Curry, College of Education and Liberal Arts
  • Dr. Katie Leach, College of Health Professions and Natural Sciences
  • Gary Seydell, Academic Advising
  • Dr. Matt Wilson, College of Education and Natural Sciences

Work Group 6

  • Standard VI, Planning, Resources, and Institutional Assessment
  • Requirements of Affiliation 10, 11


  • Jean Davis, co-chair, College of Business
  • Heather O’Connell, co-chair, Operations
  • Robin Angelucci, Financial Affairs
  • Brian Beard, Information Technology
  • Jaimee Campbell, Human Resources
  • Dennis Craighton, University Safety
  • Dr. Tim Day, College of Technology
  • Adrienne Johnson, Library
  • Dr. Kathy Kennedy-Ratajack, College of Business
  • Don Kukawski, Buildings and Maintenance
  • Lloyd Ricketts, Financial Affairs
  • Rebecca Ritchie, Student Financial Services
  • Honorable Sue L. Robinson, Board of Trustees

Work Group 7

  • Standard VII, Governance, Leadership, and Administration
  • Requirements of Affiliation 12, 13, 15


  • Dr. Karen Sheats, co-chair, Human Resources
  • Pete Lutus, co-chair, Information Technology
  • Tom Hurd, Student Engagement Center
  • Dr. Frank Ingraham, Alumni Association Executive Board
  • Dr. Stefanie Whitby, Athletics and Alumni
  • Ashley Mundy, Office of the President
  • Paula Potochney, Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Rob Rescigno, Partnership and Community Relations
  • Sherry Stephens, Dover Site
  • Dr. Don Stuhlman, College of Business
  • Larry Miller, Board of Trustees

Data and Evidence

  • Dr. Dana Chapman, Institutional Research

Federal Compliance Report

  • Dr. Linda Andrzjewski, Administrative and Legal Affairs

Self-Study Documents