College of Arts and Sciences Students

Wilmington University Arts and Sciences Minors enable you to develop a foundation in a second area of study. And, you have flexibility—your selected minor does not need to be related to your major.

Pursue a minor in the following areas of study:


Students pursing a minor in art cultivate a foundation for understanding the development and trends of art throughout history as well as the opportunity to develop basic skills within the field of art.


Develop an understanding of how human societies evolve as a result of economic, political, cultural, and natural forces.


This minor provides students the opportunity for further development of their reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing skills through the survey and evaluation of several literary genres.


Quantitative literacy and reasoning skills, which are increased through this mathematics minor, are increasingly important for personal and professional success in the technology and data-driven 21st century.

Natural Science

This minor provides students from all majors an opportunity to study natural sciences and focus their free electives in the area of science to further their interest in science or plan careers in science-based organizations.

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