Certificate in Human Trafficking Awareness

The undergraduate Certificate in Human Trafficking Awareness provides a basic overview and introduction to the human trafficking problem, recognizing, responding, and investigating human trafficking allegations, creating change, and advocating for victims of human trafficking and human trafficking awareness. The goal of the Certificate in Human Trafficking Awareness is to provide knowledge and develop skills about the social and criminal impact of human trafficking. Developing greater awareness of the human trafficking problem will enable all those working on the front line and dealing with humans in crisis to know how to respond to and investigate suspected human trafficking cases. Knowledge and skills gained from the human trafficking courses in this certificate program can be put into practice by medical and health professionals, educators, human services and social workers, and law enforcement.

This 18-credit certificate consists of 4 core courses and 2 elective courses. Bachelor’s degree students in all undergraduate degree programs are eligible to complete this certificate provided they complete any and all prerequisite requirements. Human trafficking takes many forms, and therefore, this certificate is equally valuable for members of the community because course content raises awareness of being able to recognize instances of human trafficking in their communities.

The Certificate in Human Trafficking Awareness consists of 18 undergraduate credits. Twelve (12) credits make up the core of the certificate program, and students may choose six (6) credits from a menu of approved electives.


Core Requirements

SOC 404 Human Trafficking

SOC 472 Investigating Human Trafficking

SOC 473 Human Trafficking Advocacy & Change

Choose (1) course from the following:

CRJ 101 Survey of Criminal Justice


PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology


SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology


Choose two of the following courses:

CRJ 410 Multicultural Issues in Criminal Justice

CRJ 411 Criminal Evidence and Procedures

CRJ 469 Domestic Violence

CRJ 474 Victims of Crime

CRJ 490 Internship in Criminal Justice

HLT 379 Healthcare Emergency Management

NUR 413 Holistic Health Assessment

PHI 302 Ethics and Values in Behavioral Science

PSY 305 Abnormal Psychology

PSY 309 Interpersonal Communication Skills

PSY 420 Introduction to Trauma-Informed Approaches

PSY 490 Internship in Behavioral Science (Psychology Majors)

SOC 303 Contemporary Social Problems

SOC 312 Community Health & Social Issues

SOC 321 Homelessness in America

SOC 405 Social Deviance

SOC 425 Child Abuse: Recognition and Investigation

SOC 426 Responding and Investigation: Child Maltreatment

SOC 427 Responding to the Survivors of Child Abuse and Survivor Responses

SOC 464 Working in the Helping Professions

SOC 468 Case Management

SOC 469 Step-Parenting & Blended Families

SOC 490 Internship in Behavioral Science (Behavioral Science majors)

Note: Students are held to all prerequisite requirements; some students may require more than 6 courses to complete this certificate.

Total credits for Certificate in Human Trafficking Awareness: 18

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2023-2024 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2022 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.