Human Trafficking Awareness Certificate
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Undergraduate Certificate in Human Trafficking Awareness

Human Trafficking Awareness Certificate: Help Stop the Human Trafficking Epidemic

Through Wilmington University’s Dual-Credit Certificate in Human Trafficking Awareness you will learn to recognize and respond to signs associated with human trafficking so you can work to create change, advocate for victims and promote awareness of the human trafficking problem, both globally and in your community.

The only certificate of its kind in the nation

Human trafficking is a growing crime and human rights violation. WilmU’s unique certificate program is part of a vital initiative to reach out at the community level to create awareness of what the Department of Homeland Security calls “a hidden crime.” Through this Human Trafficking Awareness program, you can become part of the initiative to educate, advocate, and end this illegal enterprise.

Important skills for human services and other “front line” professionals

This 18-credit Human Trafficking Awareness certificate provides knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied by medical and health professionals, educators, human services professionals, social workers, members of law enforcement, and others who work with human beings in crisis. It’s a credential that serves your community, broadens your skillset and enhances your resume.

Valuable education for all students and concerned community members

Because human trafficking takes many forms, the content of this human trafficking awareness certificate holds value and is made accessible for all students and concerned citizens who want to make a difference. Credits from this certificate program may be applied to a broad range of WilmU bachelor’s degree programs.

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Why a WilmU Certificate?

Wilmington University certificate programs teach you the subject-specific knowledge you need to advance in your career or to simply explore a new field. Build skills that can give you greater opportunities in your evolving field today. Many WilmU certificate programs can be completed online or at several of our face-to-face locations!

Professionals Who Would Benefit From This Program

  • ER and medical personnel
  • Law enforcement
  • Mental health counselors

The Human Trafficking Awareness certificate is available in the following formats and locations:




Creating awareness of human trafficking is essential to eliminating trafficking altogether. This certificate program legitimizes the academic study of trafficking as a human problem demanding the attention of experts in criminal, social and psychological services fields. – Dr. Johanna Bishop, Director, Behavioral Science Programs
Dr. Johanna Bishop

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