College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Students

Wilmington University's Social and Behavioral Sciences minors enable undergraduate degree-seeking students to develop expertise in secondary or interdisciplinary areas of study.

Pursue a minor in the following areas of study:

Military Studies, Air Force

Students who are enrolled in the Air Force ROTC program can develop additional knowledge through this 16-credit minor that enhances your studies and supports your career goals.

Military Studies, Army

Receive academic recognition for your accomplishments while enrolled in the Army ROTC program by developing additional knowledge through this 23-credit minor that enhances your studies and supports your career goals.

Political Science

A minor in Political Science provides students from any major an overview of politics and policy. The 18-credit program spans a world of public affairs, from grassroots activism to the passage and enforcement of legislation.

Pre-Law Minor

The Pre-Law minor is available to all students who are enrolled full-time in a Wilmington University bachelor’s degree program. A Pre-Law minor would be appropriate for students who are seeking to work in fields that are impacted by law or legal regulations. This is also an appropriate minor for students who are interested in attending law school.

NOTE: The Pre-Law minor is not intended to prepare students to work as paralegals, and the Pre-Law minor is not approved by the American Bar Association.

Find information about WilmU’s American Bar Association (ABA)-approved bachelor’s degree program for paralegal preparation here.

Find information about WilmU’s American Bar Association (ABA)-approved Post-Bachelor’s Paralegal certificate here.

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