Course Descriptions


ENG 110
English Essentials
3 credits

This course will teach students the steps in the writing process as well as strategies for academic success. Students will be shown how to write and evaluate essays in a variety of rhetorical modes first by instructor modeling, then collaboration with the instructor, and then students will write independently. Students will begin the course with paragraph writing and end the course with multi-paragraph essay writing in preparation for college-level writing courses. All essays will have two drafts, a first draft and a revised draft, both of which will be assessed for academic integrity issues through SafeAssign. The first draft will allow students to correct any issues with the use of outside sources before submitting the revised draft (although no use of outside sources is expected). Students will receive direct instruction in mechanics, usage, and grammar (MUGs); assessment in MUGs will be through student writing. Students will be required to apply all attained skills to all writing assignments. Credit from this course applies as an elective credit toward graduation.

Prerequisite(s): Placement after taking Accuplacer or successful completion of ENG 095. Please note the minimum passing grade of ENG 110 is a ''C''.