Course Descriptions

Education Counseling

MEC 7600
Non-Certification Supervised Counseling Practicum
3 credits

This non-certification practicum course will give counselor candidates an opportunity to build skill development and to demonstrate competence as a student services practitioner while participating in a clinical experience outside of the K-12 school setting.  Completion of this practicum does not lead to State of Delaware certification.

Candidates who choose this course option are not eligible for school counseling certification in the State of Delaware. This may impact the certification eligibility for all states. It is the responsibility of the candidate to keep current with certification requirements of states other than Delaware.

Two hundred (200) internship hours must be completed to fulfill practicum requirement for the non-certification option. Clinical course work in the Master of Education addresses the needs of diverse student populations facing rapid social, economic, and technical changes. Practical application in the counseling field is balanced by detailed consideration of philosophy, ethics, and theories necessary for a helping professional. In addition to the completion of an intervention project, it is expected that the candidate will perform individual counseling, group counseling and a professional presentation.

Prerequisite(s): MED 6102, MEC 6400, MEC 6402, MEC 6607, MEC 7213, MEC 7502, MEC 7503, MEC 7701, MEC 7500, MEC 7501, MEC 7202, and 3.0 GPA