Course Descriptions


MED 7503
School and Community: Building a Shared Vision
3 credits

This course explores two areas of school leadership that are essential for improving student achievement: (a) developing a vision of teaching and learning that is shared by all stakeholders, and (b) school-community relationships. The course examines ways to develop, communicate, implement, and monitor/evaluate a shared vision; and examines the importance of understanding and responding to community needs, valuing diversity, striving for equal educational opportunity and equity, and improving the quality and nature of school/community interactions. Students will assess, reflect on, and improve their own interpersonal skills; explore basic principles of effective communications and public relations; and apply those skills and principles in authentic settings. The course emphasizes the school leader’s role in developing and maintaining sensitive, ethical, and open communications with and among all individuals, communities, and constituencies served by the school. It is recommended that this course be taken early in the MED School Leadership Program.

Prerequisite(s): MED 6102