Course Descriptions


MED 7708
Curriculum Leadership
3 credits

This course examines some essential but still unanswered questions related to curriculum leadership, including the following: what should be taught; how, when, and in what environment should it be taught; who should teach it; how do we know that it has been learned; and who decides? The course will explore several key topics: developing a vision of teaching and learning that is shared by all stakeholders; the power of the hidden curriculum; history and its influence on the curriculum; society and culture, teacher and learner characteristics, environment, and academic content as curriculum influencers; working with curriculum standards; the influences of philosophy, learning theory, and sociology; people and roles in curriculum work; design alternatives and needs assessments; selecting, sequencing, organizing, and prioritizing content; making and documenting curriculum decisions; implementing curriculum changes; and evaluating the curriculum.

Prerequisite(s): MED 6102