Course Descriptions


MGT 8150
MSM Internship
3 credits

MSM students may apply for an approved internship to meet one of the two open electives in their program. An MSM internship offers students the opportunity to gain relevant work experience in business. Through this experience, the student gains a practical understanding of work in the industry, experience on the job, enhancement of skills learned in the classroom, and contacts with professionals in the business world. Upon selection for an approved internship, MSM students must complete a minimum of 150 hours of compensated or uncompensated work within a 14-week semester. MSM students must have completed a minimum 18 credits in the MSM core and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3. This course is graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory.  Prereq: Completion of 18-credits in MSM core.

Prerequisite(s): Program Chair approval required