Course Descriptions

Mental Health Counseling

MHC 7905
4 credits

The Practicum clinical field experience is comprised of 100 total clock hours of supervised counseling experience in a mental health agency setting, a group supervision seminar, site supervision, and faculty supervision. The focus is a broad orientation to the clinical aspects of the field of mental health counseling with strong emphasis being placed on personal and professional identity and self-development. The course consists of basic/core counseling skills and intervention strategies and techniques, and exploration of the role of the clinical mental health counselor in a mental health agency setting.

Prerequisite(s): MHC 6402, MHC 6502, MHC 6901, MHC 7202, MHC 7501, MHC 7605, MHC 7805, MHC 7806, MHC 8020, MHC 8061, and two electives from MHC 8011, MHC 8012, 8062, MHC 8064, MCC 8063. ''B'' for all previous work. Student must pass clinical candidacy.