Course Descriptions


NUR 303
Nurse as Professional
4 credits

This course provides a basis for role transition of the registered nurse to the BSN student and provides opportunity for exploration of the many dimensions of professional nursing. The student considers the multiple roles of the nurse, the conceptual basis for nursing practice, and selected issues facing the profession of nursing. The course includes an introduction to information literacy and writing skills. Class sessions and course assignments are designed to foster critical thinking skills. During this course, the students are required to complete a credentialing profile. Detailed instruction of the mandatory credentialing is found in the College of Health Professions BSN Student program site. There is a private vendor's fee associated with the credentialing process and is the financial responsibility of the student. Completed credentialing is mandatory for students to continue with NUR core course selection.

Prerequisite(s): Registered nurse and BSN major, ENG 310 highly recommended