Course Descriptions

Business Law

BLA 300
Law for Life
3 credits

This course introduces the student to the legal aspects of a variety of life events, from everyday transactions to buying a home and planning an estate. Through lectures, discussions, and mock transactions, it provides students with an understanding of these events and the role they will play in their lives.

BLA 303
Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
3 credits

This course examines legal and ethical aspects affecting business organizations. Topics included are: ethical issues in the business environment, laws relating to contracts, principal and agency relationships, personal property, real property, uniform commercial code, estates, trusts, and government regulations affecting business operations.

Prerequisite(s): ENG 122 and BBM 201

BLA 305
Business Law for Accounting and Finance Majors
3 credits

This course is designed for Accounting and Finance majors. Topics include contracts, the Uniform Commercial Code, debtor-creditor relationships, business organizations, and government regulation of business and property.

BLA 310
Small Business Law
3 credits

This course examines the laws that effect, regulate, and impact small businesses.