Course Descriptions

Contemporary Technology Applications

CTA 206
Computer Applications
3 credits

This course provides an introduction to personal computers and their use in meeting a wide variety of application needs. It uses a simulation lab for part of the learning and offers many resources in the use of computer applications, and handling of storage media. . It emphasizes the use of Windows-based operating systems and Microsoft Office-based word processing, computer presentations, and spreadsheet software. Students are also given the skills to take the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Word Exam. Students will also receive an introduction to ''Blackboard,'' Wilmington University’s online learning platform. Students who have completed CTA 210, CTA 226 or CTA 326 should not register for CTA 206.

CTA 210
Computer Science
3 credits

This course - for College of Technology students only - introduces both the theory and application of modern day computing and how market forces have influenced developments. It compares the Macintosh platform with the PC platform and looks at file preparations, file management, storage, and retrieval on both. Particular emphasis is placed on the role of the Macintosh platform in the design world so students are prepared for courses in the College of Technology, where the main tool is the Macintosh platform running applications such as desktop publishing, digital image manipulation, web page design, and video editing software.  Students who have completed CTA 206, CTA 226, or CTA 326 should not register for CTA 210.

CTA 236
Introduction to SPSS
3 credits

This course is designed for novice SPSS users. Students will learn how to prepare, code, and validate data sets.  Using large data files the students will be able to run and analyze descriptive and inferential statistics. Students will know how to create and manipulate graphs and tables and will be able to present data results in a professional manner.

Prerequisite(s): CTA 206 or CTA 210 or CTA 326

CTA 315
Effective Presentations through Technology
3 credits

This elective course is designed to master skills in integrating technology into dynamic presentations and webinars. The use of such tools as e-resources, computer presentation software (PowerPoint, Prezi), and web conferencing will be used in conjunction with group critiques and proper writing conventions.

Prerequisite(s): CTA 206 or CTA 210 or CTA 226 or CTA 326

CTA 326
Integrating Excel into Business Problem Solving
3 credits

This course provides an intermediate level of Microsoft Excel which meets a wide variety of business technology needs. Students should have a basic knowledge of Excel skills, such as how to develop formulas. They will receive a more intensive experience in the use of spreadsheets, formulation, analysis, and presentation of data. This course emphasizes the use of pivot tables, collaboration, presentation, and problem solving techniques that are valuable in business practice, as well as a short introduction to Blackboard. Students are also given the skills to take the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Excel Exam. Students who have completed CTA 226 should not register for CTA 326.