Course Descriptions


CYB 6000
Network Security
3 credits

This course covers the theory and practice of network security from a tactical and strategic perspective.  The concepts, models, architectures, protocols, standards, implementation, and management of network security are covered. Essentials of local area networks (LAN) security, metropolitan area networks (MAN) security, and wide area networks (WAN) security are covered.

CYB 6010
Protecting and Securing the OS
3 credits

This course covers operating system security concepts from a tactical and strategic perspective.  A variety of OS security principles, techniques, tools, and best practices will be covered in this course.  This course provides a balance between tactical and strategic aspects of operating system security.

CYB 6020
Vulnerability Assmt and PT
3 credits

The Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing course builds upon ethical security practices by performing prescribed techniques while increasing the student's knowledge, skills, and abilities. Topics covered include ethics, standards, methodologies, tools/techniques, and legal ramifications. Summative report development and presentations of findings will be included.

Prerequisite(s): CYB 6000

CYB 6030
3 credits

The Intrusion Detection (IDS) and Intrusion Protection (IPS) course introduces students to intrusion detection and intrusion protection from both a tactical and strategic perspective.  Students are introduced to intrusion detection and intrusion protection tools, techniques, and strategies.

Prerequisite(s): CYB 6000

CYB 6040
Cyberthreat Intelligence
3 credits

The Special Topics in Cybersecurity course introduces students to fundamentals of cyberthreat intelligence.  The cyberthreat intelligence fundamentals are covered from a tactical and strategic perspective.

CYB 6090
Special Topics: Cybersecurity
3 credits

This course is an intensive study of selected contemporary topics in cybersecurity. Emphasis is placed on research in areas pertinent to the current cybersecurity and IT/IS environment. Given the rapidly changing landscape of present day information systems and technology, it is entirely appropriate to focus on recent and novel developments in the field of cybersecurity. The focus for each section will vary.

CYB 8100
Cybersecurity Capstone
3 credits

This course is the cybersecurity capstone.  The course provides students a holistic review of cybersecurity as well as fundamental research methods and techniques.

Prerequisite(s): CYB 6000 and CYB 6010 and CYB 6020 and CYB 6030 and CYB 6040 and three Cybersecurity Electives

CYB 8101
Research Seminar
3 credits

Students in the final year of the program who have completed the majority of the program requirements will be required to enroll in a three-credit hour research seminar course.  Students must have successfully completed CYB 8100 before registering for CYB 8101.

Prerequisite(s): CYB 8100 and three MS Cybersecurity Electives