Course Descriptions


DSN 094
Technology Orientation
0 credits

In this digital age it is imperative all visual arts students learn the importance of working, saving and archiving effectively on your own or WilmU computers. Along with learning these best practices, it is also important to understand how best utilize the computer labs at WilmU. All COT students should follow this protocol which will safeguard your work, and the work of other students that may share the computer in another course. This orientation provides the student with the necessary knowledge to navigate the WilmU computer labs, work effectively during class time and protect/archive work for future use.

DSN 105
Visual Communication
3 credits

This course is an introduction to media studies, with an emphasis on the elements of visual form and the basic characteristics of time-based media and the fundamentals of mediated communication. Through theory and practice, the course is intended to develop the perceptual/cognitive and intellectual skills that will enhance an analytical appreciation and understanding of print, electronic, and moving image media, especially for students interested in graphic design, web development, advertising, and other fields in which visuals play a key role.

DSN 110
Fundamentals of Drawing
3 credits

This foundation course introduces students to the practice of drawing varied subject matter such as still life, the landscape and the human form in the context of line, shape, proportion, value, space, perspective, texture and composition. Various art materials will be utilized. An emphasis is placed on the development of drawing from observation and aesthetic sensitivity.

DSN 121
Basic InDesign
3 credits

This course introduces the student to digital publishing with Adobe InDesign. Students will learn how to design and produce a variety of documents along with the basic principles of design with an emphasis on the effects of typography on a layout. Commercial printing and its impact on digital files will be studied in addition to the basic skills needed to be a successful Media Designer.

DSN 210
Basic Photoshop
3 credits

This course is an introduction to digital image manipulation. Students will learn to use a variety of Photoshop tools to create digital imagery and to creatively solve visual problems. Students will also work on importing images and compositing as well as techniques for retouching and manipulating photographic pictures. 

Prerequisite(s): CTA 210.

DSN 220
Concept Development
3 credits

In this course, students will study and identify the components of good production design. Students will problem solve through a process of research, observation, planning and visualization. Design functionality, creative thinking and professional discipline will be part of the solution. The process of creative team dynamics is explored through collaborative projects which identify individual strengths.

Prerequisite(s): DSN 210

DSN 235
Vector Drawing
3 credits

This course is equivalent to DSN 230. This course introduces the student to the creation of vector artwork, emphasizing the integration of a leading software creative suite, specifically the drawing application. Students will learn to manipulate existing art as well as creating new art while learning the aspects of the application with hands-on experience in projects relating to real world situations in print and web design. The course will also examine the aesthetics and technical details of typography, design, and page layout.

DSN 300
Design for Marketing
3 credits

This course focuses on the role of design in marketing communications with an emphasis on “brand identity”. Case studies of effective brand identity programs allow students to explore and critique brand expressions including print materials, website, video, and television advertising. Students also will be introduced to basic visual aesthetics and the relevance of good design.

DSN 306
Principles of Color Theory
3 credits

This course covers principles of color theory in art and design. Students will advance their knowledge of color through projects that focus on the visual characteristics of color and various color theories. Color will be examined based on value, hue, chroma, and relativity through the use of paint. Students will create effective visual compositions while developing sensitivity to color, creativity, and critical thinking.

DSN 307
Intermediate InDesign
3 credits

In this course, students will get hands-on experience producing direct mail pieces with Adobe InDesign.  This course will focus on design and typography of brochures, advertisements, posters, and postcards with a focus on commercial printing costs.

Online students are responsible for acquiring the latest software version (education pricing available) through Adobe's Creative Cloud (one-year or month-to-month memberships) or the Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium.

Prerequisite(s): DSN 121, DSN 210 and DSN 235

DSN 308
3 credits

This course will expose students to the basic editorial, storytelling, and advertising illustration principles and techniques. Students will examine, from a historical perspective, illustrators; illustration trends; styles; and techniques, including print and animated motion pictures. Students will focus on visualization and sketching of concepts through traditional and nontraditional methods to explore digital means of manipulating illustrations. The course will also introduce the basic terminologies used in computer-based illustration

Prerequisite(s): DSN 210 and DSN 235.

DSN 315
3 credits

The principle goal of typography is the assembly of text in a fashion that is both easy to read and visually engaging. This course examines the historical, aesthetic, and cultural development of typographic forms and fonts. Students will explore historical styles and theories of type design, letter forms and typographic layouts, and their influence on modern and contemporary typography. Students will study type mechanics using type in a variety of design applications.

Prerequisite(s): DSN 210 and DSN 235.

DSN 318
Portfolio Production
3 credits

Building a portfolio of accomplished images showcasing the best work is an integral part of a design program. The portfolio is a constant work in progress that should regularly be upgraded and changed with new and better examples of the designer’s work. This course provides the student with an opportunity to concentrate on building both the electronic and physical portfolio that will be needed to showcase one’s design work in order to further career and personal goals.

DSN 325
Interactive Web Design I
3 credits

This course puts a focus on the fundamentals of web page layout and interface design using HTML and CSS.  Students will learn how to translate visual design systems into usable, interactive web experiences.

Prerequisite(s): SDD 370

DSN 326
Interactive Web Design II
3 credits

This course covers advanced web layout and mobile responsive design.  Building on DSN325, students will design and develop interfaces optimized for all devices and resolutions.

Prerequisite(s): DSN 325

DSN 335
Advanced Vector Drawing
3 credits

This course takes an in-depth look into the creation of vector artwork and the integration of a leading software creative suite that handles photos, page layout, and graphics. Students will learn more in-depth aspects of the application with hands-on experience in projects relating to real world situations in print and web design.

Prerequisite(s): DSN 235

DSN 350
Interactive InDesign
3 credits

This course will teach using Adobe InDesign to create interactive documents; interactive PDFs, interactive and animated browser-based (SWF) documents as well as Adobe digital publishing suite (DPS) files for Android and IPad Apps

Prerequisite(s): DSN 121 and DSN 210

DSN 401
Advanced InDesign
3 credits

This course is an in-depth study of digital publishing with Adobe InDesign. With a focus on publication design, students will design and prepare a 20-page publication for commercial printing. In addition, students will produce a portfolio worthy project that will include style sheets and master pages that incorporate good typography and layout design concepts. Adobe InDesign CS (most current version) will be utilized in this course. For distance learning the student is responsible for acquiring the latest software version (education pricing available) through Adobe’s Creative Cloud (one-year or month-to-month memberships) or the Adobe Creative Suite® Design Premium.

Prerequisite(s): DSN 307

DSN 410
Advanced Photoshop
3 credits

This course expands the use of digital image manipulating. Students learn advanced image effects, layer and file organization, color management, and advanced lighting techniques to create artistic and professional-looking images for a variety of uses. There is a focus on planning, creativity and originality.

Prerequisite(s): DSN 210

DSN 415
Package Design
3 credits

This course focuses on package design, structure and product branding. Students are expected to design and produce various packaging projects by creating digital files that will be printed, cut and assembled as a comprehensive package design sample.

Prerequisite(s): DSN 235

DSN 460
Topics in Design
3 credits

This class may be tailored specifically to a course of study agreed upon by student and teacher, or run as a section with a chosen topic.

Prerequisite(s): permission required

DSN 487
Senior Project
3 credits

This course is designed to allow senior year students the opportunity to practice their specialization in a production environment. At the start of the project, students will identify a realistic project in their main competency area(s) with a faculty mentor. Having agreed on a timetable for their project’s completion, the students will then begin a required/flexible workshop where they must prepare a clear and comprehensive pre-production plan. The students must also develop an appropriate corporate style and logo to accompany their project. All work must be presented in the best possible manner, with well-designed digitally published pages, a proper use of color, typography, etc., using their own corporate style and logo. This course may be completed as a directed study with an instructor of the student's choice or in a classroom setting. This course meets in semester format.

Prerequisite(s): Permission required

DSN 490
3 credits

This course will provide students with real-world experience in the field of media design where they will become acquainted with daily operations, while enhancing their professional skills and interacting with other professionals. College of Technology students wishing to complete their internship requirements should review the university procedures. Once a position has been secured, fill out the following form to initiate the process:

Prerequisite(s): Permission required