Course Descriptions

E-Learning Design and Technology

DTL 6000
Foundations of E-Learning Theory and Planning
3 credits

This course provides an overview of the essential practices of e-learning. Students will acquire knowledge about learning theories, instructional design, approaches to e-learning, and e-learning program implementation. Additionally, students explore instructional technologies that provide a practical background for delivering effective e-learning solutions in organizations.

DTL 6010
Universal Design in E-Learning
3 credits

This course is a review of instructional design processes, practices, and e-learning development based on the Universal Design for Learning framework. Students will focus on adult learning principles and how instructional design practices can facilitate accessible and effective e-learning environments. Additionally, instructional technology tools and accessible instructional resources are explored in the context of implementing e-learning modules in organizational settings.

DTL 6020
E-Learning Technologies and Multimedia
3 credits

In this course, students will work with e-learning technologies and multimedia tools to attain knowledge and skills relevant to current organizational needs. The course will focus on systems hardware, software, emerging instructional and communications technologies, and ethical considerations with the use of technology. Students will evaluate these technologies in the context of supporting the mission and initiatives of organizations.

DTL 8000
Portfolio and Experiential Project in E-Learning
3 credits

This is a capstone study of e-learning that is designed to demonstrate cumulative knowledge and skills through two major experiential projects: 1) an e-portfolio, and 2) a case study or authentic project. The e-portfolio captures accomplishments and artifacts from previous courses, and it serves as an ongoing resource and record of continued professional development. The case study or project focuses on an e-learning program or organization and involves in-depth analysis of the application of concepts and strategies needed to enhance practice and performance in e-learning.