Course Descriptions


LDR 7000
Experiential Learning: Leadership Issues
3 credits

This course is experiential in nature and focuses on leadership and group process. Students will acquire and apply knowledge and skills in an immediate and relevant setting. Topics include: examining core values in the leadership process, group problem solving, leadership styles, decision-making, power and influence, conflict management, ethical dilemmas, and community building.

LDR 7100
Managing Innovation and Change
3 credits

This course approaches managing the innovation process through five levels of analysis: individual, team, organizational, industry, and societal. At each level of analysis, particular attention is given to the conditions under which innovation processes succeed and fail. The following areas will be reviewed: literature on the innovative process, the contribution of individuals, cross functionality, geographic dispersion, technical communication, intra- and inter-organizational networks, organizational characteristics, organizational learning and market changes. Students will be exposed to a variety of perspectives on innovation and will think about the conditions under which innovation may be supported.