Course Descriptions

Human Resources

MHR 6503
Law, Regulation and the Workplace
3 credits

This course focuses on the legal impact and effect of regulatory agencies on the development and maintenance of human resource management programs. Common practices in hiring and firing, promotion and discipline, safety, testing, equal employment opportunity and affirmative action program requirements established by public law, and the role of regulatory agencies and their requirements in the workplace are explored.

MHR 7505
Compensation Administration: Issues and Practices
3 credits

This course examines compensation administration issues and practices and their impact on the work environment. Topics discussed include wage and salary administration, incentive plans, employee benefit plans, health care, and employee assistance programs. The ways in which these issues and practices are integrated into unionized and non-unionized environments are explored. An historical framework is also provided to allow the participants to analyze historical trends as future needs.

MHR 7506
Training and Development
3 credits

The skills, practices, and procedures used by training professionals in conducting needs assessments, developing effective training programs, and presenting training programs are explored. Career development is viewed from the organization’s training perspective. The use of position descriptions and training plans provides a practical approach to training and career development.

MHR 7508
Design and Development of Human Systems
3 credits

This course emphasizes the design and development of human systems and the measurement of outcomes within the context of organizational strategy. It focuses on the theory, assumptions, and implications of human resource policy and procedures and the relationship of robust systems to organizational performance. Strategy; structure; and design and measurement concepts for human systems, including job analysis, selection, performance appraisal, testing, training and development, and compensation and reward systems are emphasized.

MHR 7600
International HR
3 credits

This course examines human resource management issues that exist in the international business environment. Topics to be included are: how to adapt corporate processes/procedures to fit within each country’s cultural and legal framework while still being aligned to the overall business strategy. Learn how to design and implement procedures and programs that will engage a global workforce. Discuss global compensation strategies that are aligned with the organization’s business objectives. Communication differences from a cultural standpoint as they relate to human resource issues will also be addressed.

MHR 7650
Compensation and Benefits
3 credits

This course examines issues and practices in compensation administration and their impact on the work environment. Topics discussed include wage and salary administration, pay models, incentive plans, linking performance to pay, legislation affecting compensation, and employee benefits. The ways in which these issues and practices are integrated into unionized and non-unionized environments are also explored. The history of benefits and compensation allows students to analyze historical trends and the evolution of this field.

MHR 7800
Seminar in Human Resource Management
3 credits

This course focuses on the professional practice of human resource management and the role of the practitioner in today’s diverse, multi-cultural, global organizations. Emphasis is placed on the ethical utilization and development of human resources within the context of performance management and organizational processes. Major themes include participation through teams, innovation, results orientation, and stability and control within environments that are in constant states of flux and change.

MHR 7830
Finance and Accounting for Managers
3 credits

This course provides a summary of essential accounting and financial concepts as they impact upon the use of resources in an organization. The focus is on accounting reports, financial statements, ratio analysis, budgets, forecasting, and profit and cost relationships. MHR 7830 meets the MBA undergraduate finance pre-requisite but cannot be used as an MBA elective.