Course Descriptions


MUS 101
Music Appreciation
3 credits

This course increases the student’s comprehension and perception of music. Each developmental period will be discussed (Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 1900-1945, and 1945- today) in terms of the historical background, social influences, characteristics, styles, composers, representative compositions, and performance media.  Specific pieces of music from each developmental period will be analyzed based on the musical concepts found in the piece (pitch, dynamics, tone color, instrumentation, texture, form, etc.)

MUS 302
History of Rock and Roll
3 credits

This course explores the emergence of Rock and Roll as a musical genre in America in the mid-twentieth century. Historical events and technology will be discussed in relation to their influence on Rock and Roll music. Specific pieces of music will be analyzed in terms of compositional structure, instrumentation, historical significance, and cultural influence.