Course Descriptions

Nonprofit Management

NFP 301
Intro to Nonprofit Agencies
3 credits

An overview of the historical background, development, role, auspices, organization and purposes of nonprofit agencies. Special emphasis is placed on structure, program, organizational management, strategic planning and stewardship. Other important content is related to reporting requirements, function of the Board of Directors and the relationship between the Chief Executive and the Board.

NFP 302
Management of the Nonprofit Organization
3 credits

Focus on non-governmental, nonprofit companies and their management practices. The distinguishing features of these companies and their relevance to effective performance-based management are addressed. Also covered are the identification and assessment of various organizational designs, governance structures, board and community relations, and the regulatory environment.

NFP 303
Foundations of Fiscal Management for Nonprofit
3 credits

Focus on the practical application of accounting concepts and processes and financial data analysis for nonprofit organizations. The importance of the management of business information systems will also be discussed. Emphasis will be placed on how these basic concepts are used in today’s nonprofit organizational environments.

NFP 304
Advocacy and Public Policy
3 credits

Focuses on the knowledge needed to understand and apply processes for making business decisions for nonprofit companies. Emphasis is placed on the role unique relationship nonprofit organizations have with the U.S. economy. An emphasis will be placed on critical thinking skills.

NFP 307
Fundraising for Nonprofits
3 credits

Focus on developing relationships with private and institutional donors. Students will learn the keys to effective grant proposal writing and endowment management skills.

NFP 308
Grant Writing for Nonprofits
3 credits

A critical skill for nonprofit leaders is the ability to effectively raise funds to support operations. This course will teach the skills necessary for effective fundraising, including grant writing and managing grant-funded programs. Locating public and private sources of funds will be discussed.