Course Descriptions

Case Management for Human Services

SOC 6323
Law and Practice in Human Services
3 credits

This course examines how the law impacts the delivery of human services in both direct ways through the civil and criminal court system and indirectly through the laws and regulations that define the rules, responsibilities, and entitlements of clients receiving support services. Topics will include child welfare, guardianships, involuntary commitments, competence, and civil rights. Special attention will also be given to the varying ethical duties and professional values within the human services and legal professions.

SOC 6600
Social Inequality, Social Change, and Community Building
3 credits

Social stratification is the separation of groups and affects various categories including, but not limited to; race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and socioeconomic status. When looking to build and strengthen communities, those working in the helping professions must first look around to see what systemic inequalities and injustices are occurring in the community and society as a whole. By examining inequality in these categories helping professionals can look further into changing policies, laws, and social climate on an individual and systemic level as well as influencing the health, well-being, and functioning of individuals and groups in society.

SOC 6601
Case Management Interventions and Strategies
3 credits

Professionals working in community service fields are often called upon to carry case loads and utilize collaborative skills with other agencies in the community to help clients establish self-empowerment.  Case Management is a comprehensive job that includes understanding client vulnerabilities and societal attitudes, interviewing and assessment skills as well as having connections to other agencies in the community that can help the client reach their goals. This course will give students the information they need to perform these tasks including; understanding vulnerable client population, interviewing skills, performing intake assessments and bio psychosocial assessments, documentation and note taking, establishing goals and identifying community resources to create treatment plans.

SOC 6604
Case Management: Advocacy Skills & Client Services
3 credits

Learning to speak and act on behalf of oneself or advancing the interests of one client is a critical tool for human services practitioners. This course will focus on both formal and informal advocacy skills. The end result if to develop skills that are empowering and lead to effective change and greater well-being.

SOC 6605
Ethical Practice in Case Management
3 credits

This course will focus on understanding ethical boundaries and consideration in helping relationships. As human services professionals, practitioners need to respect the dignity and welfare of all people, honor cultural diversity, and promote social justice while acting with integrity and staying within professional ethical boundaries.