Course Descriptions


SPA 301
Practical Spanish I
3 credits

This course is an introduction to the Spanish language with emphasis on developing listening and speaking skills commonly used in conversation. Students will develop vocabulary and communication skills by practicing speaking skills individually and conversationally as well as reading simple texts to assist in speaking skills. Students will be assessed through individual speaking and reading as well as conversational activities.

SPA 302
Practical Spanish II
3 credits

This course emphasizes building upon students’ previous vocabulary and conversational skills. This source prepares students to discuss actions from the past and also prepares them to discuss additional topics and Hispanic cultural elements. Students will learn experientially while participating in conversations as well as demonstrating individual conversational and written proficiency.

Prerequisite(s): SPA 301 or permission from Program Chair.

SPA 305
Spanish for Health Care
3 credits

This course, which focuses on health care professionals, provides essential points of grammar and vocabulary for students whose profession requires a working knowledge of Spanish. The course is designed to help students better communicate with Spanish-speaking people with whom they interact in their work in the health care profession.

Prerequisite(s): SPA 302 or permission from Program Chair.