Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certificate

The 21st century workplace is one filled with diversity — with workers of different ages, different religions, different genders, different cultures, with different beliefs, languages, ways of thinking, abilities, ways of communicating, and so much more. Many jobs today, regardless of location, require working with other people who are quite different from each other.

This foundational certificate will equip students with the appropriate skills and knowledge needed for competently working with diverse groups of individuals of differing abilities, age, ethnicity/race, gender/sexual orientation, religion/spirituality, and socioeconomic status and addresses the University’s global awareness and cultural diversity initiatives by infusing respect for cultural differences in the curriculum.

Prerequisite(s): PSY 101 (Introduction to Psychology Or Equivalent), SOC 101 (Introduction to Sociology Or Equivalent), or PHI 100 (Introduction to Critical Thinking)

(Prerequisites can be waived at the discretion of the Chair.)

Degree Requirements


PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology


SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology


PHI 100 Introduction to Critical Thinking

IDS 371 Introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Studies

SOC 313 Social Justice Advocacy

HRM 351 Managing Diversity


PSY 452 Multicultural Psychology

IDS 430 DEI Inquiry I

IDS 431 DEI Inquiry II

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2023-2024 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2022 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.