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Prospective, New and Current students can get started on applying for financial aid the first time or renewing financial aid for an upcoming year here.  Students can review the financial aid process at Wilmington University and find information regarding:


Submitting a FAFSA is not all there is! Students who have started the financial aid application or renewal process should make sure that they have completed all requirements to be offered a financial aid package.  Click here to find out how to see your financial aid requirements:


Students who have applied for aid and completed all their requirements should click here to find out how their financial aid gets disbursed.  Click here for information regarding accepting your financial aid in the myWilmU Portal:


Receiving federal student aid requires students to do their part to remain eligible to receive their aid disbursements each semester and academic year.  Click here to learn about enrollment requirements:


The financial aid process doesn’t end when you receive your diploma at graduation.  Click here to review information about:

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Financial Aid Office Mission Statement: To provide access to higher education for a diverse student population regardless of financial circumstances. Supported by a student-centered philosophy, the staff strive to guide and assist students in fulfilling their academic goals.