myWilmU Degree Works

View, track, and plan your academic program progress with Degree Works, a powerful tool that puts you in the driver's seat for completing your degree.

Degree Works now has an all-new, mobile-friendly experience for you to track your progress and your program plan.

Before registering for courses: please review your degree program requirements in Degree Works to ensure you are taking courses required for your academic program. Taking courses outside your program of study may affect your federal financial aid award.

To Use Degree Works

  1. Log in to myWilmU
  2. Click the Registration Icon
  3. Under Before Registration, click Degree Works - Review My Requirements

Viewing Your Degree Audit

Degree Works opens to the Worksheets page.

screen shot of the Worksheets page in Degree Works
The Worksheets page in Degree Works

In Student View, The Degree Audit is divided into multiple blocks which show the student’s progress toward their degree.

Degree Requirement

screen shot of Degree Requirements in Degree Works
Non-course degree requirements in Degree Works
screen shot of Degree Requirements in Degree Works
Course requirements list in Degree Works

Courses Not Applicable to Current Program

screen shot of the Courses Not Applicable list in Degree Works
Courses taken that are not applicable to your current program in Degree Works


screen shot of list of courses in progress in Degree Works
List of courses currently in progress in Degree Works

At the bottom of the Audit is a LEGEND which provides a description of the various icons used throughout the audit.

screen shot of the legend in Degree Works
Degree Works Legend

What-If Audit

“What-If” audits are used to see how your completed coursework would apply to a different program if you were to change your program of study (major).

  1. Click on the What-If tab to begin the analysis.
  2. Select the following options for the program you're considering changing to:
    • Catalog Year
    • Level (Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral)
    • Degree
    • Concentration (if applicable)
    • Minor (if applicable)
    screen shot of What-if options in Degree Works
    Options for viewing a What-If Analysis in Degree Works

  3. screen shot of the Process button for a What-If Analysis
    Select Process to load your What-If audit.

For detailed step-by-step instructions for a What-if Audit, see Degree Works What-if How-To-Guide