MyWilmU Student Email Accounts

Use your myWilmU email account to SEND and RECEIVE all your student email.

2-step login is required for student email. Please ensure your MyWilmU account is setup for 2-step login.

How and When You Will Receive Your myWilmU Student Email Account

  • Your myWilmU email account will be created and assigned to you after you enroll in courses for the first time at Wilmington University.
  • When your myWilmU email account is created, you will receive notification by email message to your personal/alternate email address (the email address you provided on your Application for Admission).
  • Didn't get the message? See I Didn't Receive My myWilmU Account Information.

Your myWilmU Student Email Address

Your myWilmU student email address will consist of:

  • Your First Initial of your legal first name.
  • Your Full Last Name
    Up to 15 characters. Last Names longer than 15 characters will be truncated. Hyphens, apostrophes, or other special characters will be excluded.
  • 3 digits (randomly assigned)
    These three digits are to ensure no duplicates, and have no relationship to any other student information. For your security, they are not part of or based on any other personally-identifiable information in your student record. These digits cannot be manually chosen, requested, nor changed.

You will learn your full email address once your account is created and assigned to you.

Your email address and password is the same as your myWilmU / Self-Service login and password, which you received after you were first admitted to Wilmington University. More about your myWilmU login account.


  • If the student’s name is James Brown
    his email address may be
  • If the student’s name is Susan Thompson
    her email address may be
  • If the student’s name is Margaret Williamson-Burdette
    her email address may be
    Note that this last name is both longer than 15 characters and contains a hyphen. Only the first 15 characters is included, and the hyphen is excluded.
  • If the student’s name is Antonio Garcia-Pérez
    his email address may be
    Note that this last name contains the special character é, which is replaced by the corresponding letter e without the accent.

More About myWilmU Student Email Accounts

  • Use your new myWilmU email right away to get all email from Wilmington University.
  • All your instructors, advisors, and faculty and University services will start using your new myWilmU email address to send you email as soon as you get your account.
  • Your new email address will automatically be added to systems like Canvas and our Mass/Emergency Notification system, which we regularly use to email you.