Library Mission, Vision, and Values


The library is committed to connecting students, faculty, and staff to knowledge in all forms, participating in the student learning experience, and nurturing a welcoming environment conducive to research, dialogue, and scholarship. We acknowledge and value the different perspectives and experiences of those we serve and strive to eliminate barriers to equitable and accessible services, spaces, and resources.


The library continually evolves as a flexible organization in alignment with the university’s teaching and learning mission. We aspire to cost-effectively build innovative digital and physical spaces, collect and facilitate access to relevant information resources, and prepare our diverse communities to engage with an increasingly complex and dynamic information-rich workplace. The library is committed to student-centered service excellence. We foster a culture of assessment to evaluate and continuously improve in response to student needs.


Community:  We create community and a welcoming environment conducive to research, dialogue and work by treating our colleagues and user community by treating all with dignity and honesty and respect for social and cultural diversity.

Learning:  We aspire to empower our users to become lifelong learners through educating and assisting them to search, identify, evaluate and utilize information and its tools in their coursework, research, careers and daily lives.

Access:  The Library provides unhindered and convenient access to all forms of information that will support the curriculum and teaching needs of the University while respecting individual privacy, autonomy and free inquiry.

Service:  We provide user-centered, prompt, responsive and friendly services, spaces and robust collections; we value professional growth by study, anticipation and response to the evolving needs of our communities with flexibility, innovation and continuous reassessment.

Stewardship:  We are committed to the efficient and responsible management of collections, archives, spaces and the financial and human resources invested in the by the University.

Innovation:  We embrace a proactive approach to organizational development and problem solving which incorporates creativity, flexibility, risk-taking and supports continuous professional development, enabling us to respond to rapidly changing user needs.     

Culture:  We take seriously our responsibility to preserve the unique intellectual and cultural legacy of Wilmington University, particularly those materials that speak to the University’s heritage and tradition of service.

Success:  We plan for the success of the Library, University and students through the development and assessment of clearly defined goals, objectives and strategies.