CTA 206 Competency Exam

Students may choose to take the CTA 206 Competency Exam if they believe their skills with computer applications meet or surpass the competencies for the course CTA 206, Computer Applications (required for most degree programs). A score of 74% or higher on this exam qualifies the student for exemption from taking CTA 206. Students may only take this exam one time.

Students who qualify for exemption from CTA 206 via the exam must notify and meet with an academic advisor to determine which of the options below is best.

  • Option 1 – Waive CTA 206

    Students who wish to waive CTA 206 as a course requirement must take another 3-credit course in their degree program to ensure enough credits to fulfill their degree requirements. There is no fee to waive CTA 206.

  • Option 2 – Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

    The score may serve as a PLA for CTA 206, which awards 3 credits and appears on the student transcript. The student must pay the PLA fee, which is lower than usual tuition for a 3-credit course.

The Individual Score Report (ISR) will serve as the Academic Approval Form for either PLA or CTA 206 course waiver. The student will receive a print out of their ISR from the proctor upon completion of the CTA 206 Competency Exam. The student must take their ISR to their academic advisor to determine which option is best. If the student is registering for a PLA, they must present the ISR to the Registrar’s Office or Site Associate. The student will be notified when the Registrar’s Office has created the PLA, after which time the student may register for the course.

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